What is Acid Resistant Wire?

Kasım 11,2018

What is Acid Resistant Wire?

When you need a high quality and reliable product that can withstand corrosive chemicals and high temperatures on Acid Resistant Wire, Golden Rule® # 1 is your choice. Our company's patented fluoropolymer jacket and insulation can withstand harsh chemicals, high temperature and even extreme cold. The temperature ranges for these heat cables are up to 200 ° C.

The Golden Rule has a complete range of sizes that emphasize the reduced diameter design that allows the heating cable to fit in small areas. The fluoropolymer jacket also provides excellent protection from wear and facilitates the removal of the product from the duct. Choosing the right temperature monitoring cable for high temperature environments reduces redundant backups and prevents downtime.

If you are looking for higher temperature (+ 150 ° C) cables with additional heat resistant features, you may want to explore the Golden Rule® cable product family. Industry-standard products are available for high temperature performance.

Acid Resistant For more information on wire and cable products, contact our experts. They guide you in the right direction to select the best cable solution for your industrial application.


Chemical Industry and Acid Resistant Wire
The chemical industry is responsible for converting raw materials (petroleum, natural gas, air, water, metals and minerals) into more than 70,000 products such as household and industrial cleaners, polymers, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals.

The processes used to produce daily chemicals only require cables that are not flexible, resistant to oils, acids, bases, and other hard materials. In order to maintain a consistent workflow, our cables are well suited for working under these adverse operating conditions.

We look forward to helping you identify the best products for your specific application and answer any questions you may have.
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