What is High Carbon Steel?

Kasım 11,2018

What is High Carbon Steel?

High-carbon steel is an alloy of carbon and iron elements. It is one of the most widely used types of steel. They are also referred to as manufacturing steels because they are used in the construction and manufacturing sectors. Hardness, tensile and flow resistance increases according to the carbon content of the other steel types. However, there is a decrease in the properties such as the elongation called ductility, the narrowing of the section and the resistance to resistance against the impacts. The ability to take shape according to the amount of carbon contained in them varies. It is possible to harden them with the application we call water. In high-carbon steels, the water absorption and weldability of the steel varies according to the quantity of carbon in its structure.

Carbon Steels are divided into three classes;

Low Carbon Steel: Steels with carbon content up to 0.20% are subject to this classification. Another definition in terms of physical properties is mild steel. They constitute the largest quantity of steel production in the world. They are mostly used in bars and profiles used in the construction industry and in the construction of basic structures. It is difficult to mass-harden. However, superficial hardening can be applied.

Medium Carbon Steel: 0.20-0.60% of carbon steel. Heat treatment can be hardened enough. Uses are generally machine manufacturing industry. Because they are low in processing and formability, they can cause errors during welding operations. For this reason it has to be processed with a special devotion.

High Carbon Steel: Carbon steel with a level higher than 0.60%. Because they are able to harden with thermal applications, they can reach high hardness levels. They come to the forefront in terms of cutting, impact emission and wear resistance. They are not inclined to take shape and to be processed. Resources can be made by performing special applications. Tool production is the most common use. They can get water more easily and therefore their hardness can be increased to maximum levels.

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